Keysight 8561EC Spectrum Analyzer, 30 Hz-6.5 GHz

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This product has been discontinued.

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Keysight moved beyond the over-sized, more expensive benchtop spectrum analyzers of yesterday and developed a notable replacement - the 8561EC RF Spectrum Analyzer. Down-sized to a portable workhorse, the 8561EC maintains robust measurement capability and performance standards and even brings additional funtionality to radio frequency spectrum analysis. With its color GUI display, the 8561EC provides high resolution graphic data of an equally impressive bandwidth resolution of 1 Hz.

Keysight's 8561EC is designed with phase noise, sensitivity, synthesized tuning, and a broad dynamic range. Adjacent-channel-power (ACP) testing is built-in as a packaged solution. Bandwidth occupancy % and digital modulation are used in measuring burst carrier signals to accomplish ACP testing with accuracy and ease. Additionally, pulsed RF, interleaved, time-division multiple access, and burst-modulated time-varying signals can be measured painlessly through the time-gated signal analysis function of the 8561EC.