Keysight 8569A Spectrum Analyzer

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The Keysight 8569A is a high performance spectrum analyzer designed for ease of use. Most measurements can be made with just three controls once the normal (green) settings are preset. The 8569A has absolute amplitude and frequency calibration from 0.01 to 22 GHz. The frequency span, bandwidth, and video filter are all coupled with automatic sweep to maintain a calibrated display and simplify use of the analyzer. Internal reelection eliminates most spurious responses to simplify signal identification. The reselection also extends the dynamic range of the analyzer and provides some protection for the input mixer

The 8569A has a digital storage display system. All the information necessary to analyze a signal is displayed on the top portion of the CRT. The trace information for both Trace A and Trace B resides in a digital storage buffer which is updated at the sweep rate of the analyzer. The information is this buffer is then displayed on the CRT and automatically refreshed at a flicker-free rate. Certain arithmetic and logical functions, such as a digital averaging and normalization, can be performed on the trace values. The graticule, character, and trace information can be output directly to a digital plotter set for the listen only mode without the need for a controller. A controller connected via HP-IB maybe used either output or input display information (e.g., trace values, text, control information).

The frequency range of the 8569A is 10 MHz to 22 GHz in direct coaxial input and 14.5 to 40 GHz when used with the Keysight 11517A Opt. E03 External Mixer. The frequency range is extendable to 170 GHz with other commercially available external mixers.