Keysight 8591C Cable TV Analyzer, 1 MHz - 1.8 GHz

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Keysight Technologies CaLan 8591C is the industry’s only one-box tester for all RF and video measurements. With this analyzer you can make RF and video measurements without interrupting your cable TV system. The CaLan 8591C is a flexible troubleshooting tool and an automatic system tester. Non-interfering measurements are performed at the push of a button and can be made  automatically.

The flexible hardware and software design lets you easily upgrade the analyzer to accommodate changes in required measurements and measurement techniques. For added flexibility, NTSC format is standard, with options available for worldwide PAL and SECAM formats and frequency plans.

CaLan’s cable TV analyzer provides all this performance in a rugged, portable instrument ideal for field use. It comes in a durable carrying case that makes it easy to transport and that protects it from moisture and dirt. And the analyzer is fully operational within the case, so you never need to remove it.
  • Option 1071: TV receiver/video tester (includes 75-Ω coupler and cables)
  • Option 011: 75-Ω tracking generator
  • Option 015:  Replace yellow soft carrying case with tan soft carrying case
  • Option 040: Front panel cover (used without soft carrying case)
  • Option 0412: GPIB and parallel3 interfaces
  • Option 119: Noise figure card
  • Option 130: Narrow resolution bandwidths
  • Option 1804: TV picture display
  • Option 701: Delete TV trigger, AM/FM demodulator, fast timedomain sweeps
  • Option 704:  Delete precision frequency reference
  • Option 908:  Rack mount without handles
  • Option 909:  Rack mount with handles
  • Option 915C: Component level information and service guide
  • Option W30: Two additional years return-to-Keysight service
  • Option W32:  Two additional years return-to-Keysight calibration
  • Option R07: Retrofit kit for Option 107
1. Not compatible with Option 180
2. Replaces standard RS-232 and parallel interfaces
3. Print and plot control only
4. Not compatible with Option 107