Keysight 89441A Vector Signal Analyzer

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This product has been discontinued.

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2 MHz - 2650 MHz, Vector Signal Analyzer
  • Opt AY8: Internal RF Source
  • Opt ID7: 50 to 75 ohms Minimum Loss Pad
  • Opt AYA: Vector Modulation Analysis
  • Opt AYB: Waterfall and Spectrogram
  • Opt AY7: Second 10 MHz Input Channel
  • Opt AY9: Extend Time Capture to  1 Msample
  • Opt UFG: 4-MB Extended RAM and Additional I/O
  • Opt UG7: Advanced LAN Support
  • Opt 1C2: HP Instrument BASIC
  • Opt 1F0: PC-Style Keyboard - U.S. Version