Keysight E4405B Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz - 13.2 GHz

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The Keysight E4405B Spectrum Analyzer is an ideal midrange performance, portable spectrum analysis tool for general-purpose RF and microwave measurements. The analyzer can operate in an environment over  0°C to + 55°C while allowing a real-time response with up to 45 measurements per second. The Keysight E4405B Spectrum Analyzer has a third-order intercept point of +12.5 dBm, exceeding the typical +16 dBm. Its second harmonic intercept point is +45 dBm, offering operators a wide distortion-free measurement range.  

The Keysight E4405B has a portable design for easy transport. The system features a fast warm-up time of 5 minutes and sweep time under 3 GHz of 1 ms to 4000 s. Equipped with narrow digital resolution bandwidth filters, the E4405B analyzer highlights the fast time-domain sweeps and testing efficiency. The analyzer's variable sweep points range from 101 to 8192, optimizing measurements for frequency resolution, speed, and accuracy. The frequency accuracy under stable temperature is ±101 Hz and the span accuracy is ±0.5%.

The Keysight E4405B model can capture measurement results easily and quickly with the IntuiLink Software, speeding up the process of data transfer and report generation. The Keysight E4405B Spectrum Analyzer was previously manufactured as the Agilent E4405B Spectrum Analyzer.