Keysight E4406A RF Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA)

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Rent Agilent E4406A RF Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA)
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Rent Agilent E4406A RF Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) Rent Agilent E4406A RF Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA)
Keysight E4406A
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Manual E4406A Datasheet Brochure
The Keysight E4406A VSA (Vector Signal Analyzer) offers robust features as a multi-featured transmitter tester, providing testing solutions for wireless industry professionals.  Manufacturers and technology development professionals are able to utilize an intuitive menu structure to work with digital IF-technology through single-button measurements, configured on a high-resolution color display.

For a broad range of digital modulation analysis capabilities, rental of the Keysight vector signal analyzer handles testing designed for wireless base stations, mobile transmitters, and the components involved in their functionality.  The multiformat capabilities of the E4406A include: W-CDMA, HSDPA/HSUPA, cdma2000, 1xEV-DV, 1xEV-DO, cdmaOne, EDGE, GSM, NADC, and PDC.

The flexibility of the Keysight E4406 makes it an ideal choice for design and production.  Isn’t it nice to have built-in, standards-compliant tests to help deliver fast, accurate results?  If you have already made the decision to rent an E4406A, ask about the optional packages that can be included with your Vector Signal Analyzer rental.  For transmit-receive test solutions, combine your Keysight VSA rental with one of our digital signal generators. 
Keysight E4406A Specs
Frequency Range RF Input: 7 to 314 MHz and 329 MHz to 4 GHz
Baseband IQ Inputs: 0 Hz to 5 MHz
Frequency Spans
Baseband IQ Inputs: 5 Hz to 5 MHz (Baseband I or Q inputs)
10 Hz to 10 MHz (Composite I/Q)
Frequency Setting Resolution: 1 Hz
Residual Responses
RF Input (50Ω input terminated, 0 dB input attenuation, +18 dB ADC gain): 20 MHz to 2 GHz: ≤-85 dBm
2 GHz to 4 GHz: ≤ -80 dBm
Baseband IQ Inputs (50Ω input terminated): 0 to 5 MHz: ≤-90 dBm
RF Input Maximum Measurement Power: +30 dBm (1 W)
Maximum Safe DC Voltage: ±26 Vdc
Maximum Safe Input Power: +35 dBm (3.16 W)
Keysight E4406A Accessories
E4406A-202 EDGE with GSM measurement
E4406A-204 1xEV-DO measurement
E4406A-B78 cdma2000 measurement
E4406A-214 1xEV-DV measurement
E4406A-BAC cdmaOne measurement
E4406A-BAE NADC, PDC measurement
E4406A-BAF W-CDMA measurement
E4406A-210 HSDPA/HSUPA measurement
E4406A-BAH GSM measurement personality
E4406A-HN1 WiDEN/iDEN measurement