Keysight E4424B Analog RF Signal Generator 2GHz

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Agilent E4424B Analog RF Signal Generator 2GHz
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Agilent E4424B Analog RF Signal Generator 2GHz Agilent E4424B Analog RF Signal Generator 2GHz
Keysight E4424B
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E4424B Datasheet

Standard Keysight Technologies ESG family RF signal generators incorporate a broad array of capabilities for testing both analog and digital communications systems. Adding flexible options provides a test solution that will evaluate the performance of a communication system to the requirements of nearly all current and proposed air interface standards. Many test functions can be customized to meet the needs of proprietary and other nonstandard wireless protocols as well. You can configure your instrument to address a wide variety of tests from altering nearly every aspect of a digital signal or signal operating environment, to creating experimental signals. This flexibility, along with an architecture that accepts future enhancements makes the ESG family an excellent choice for wireless communications system testing now and in the future.

The Keysight E4424B Analog RF Signal Generator provides outstanding phase-noise performance and analog modulation features for all general-purpose test needs. It offers excellent performance with superior quality, reliability and worldwide support -- at an affordable price. The E4424B provides comprehensive analog modulation capabilities, including AM, FM, phase modulation and pulse modulation. It is ideally suited to meet the demanding requirements of todays receiver test, component test and local oscillator application.

Keysight E4424B Features
  • High spectral purity
  • Flexible architecture, upgrade paths for options
  • Choice of electronic or mechanical attenuator
  • Superior level accuracy
  • Wideband FM and Phase Modulation, AM and Pulse Modulation
  • Step sweep (frequency, power and list)
  • Built-in function generator
Keysight E4424B Specs
  • Frequency Range:
    • Range: 250 kHz - 2 GHz
    • Resolution: 0.01 Hz
  • Underrange: 100 kHz
  • Output Specifications:
    • 250 kHz to 1 GHz: +13 to -136 dBm
    • 1 GHz to 2 GHz: +10 to -136 dBm
  • Amplitude Modulation
    • Range: 0 - 100%
    • Rates (3 dB BW: dc/10 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Frequency Modulation
    • Maximum deviation: N x 10 MHz
    • Rates: 1 dB BW - dc/20 Hz to 100 kHz and 3 dB BW - dc/5 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Pulse Modulation - Internal Pulse Generator
    • Square Wave Rate: 0.1 Hz to 50 kHz
    • Width: 8 µs to 30 sec