Keysight N9000B CXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz

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Rent Keysight N9000B CXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz
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Keysight N9000B
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N9000B Datasheet
  • Master the essentials in signal characterization with the leading low-cost tool in signal analysis
  • Perform cost-effective stimulus response measurements with the optional built-in tracking generator
  • Add crucial functionality with X-Series measurement applications
  • Enhance theory with practical skills when used with a training kit in your RF & microwave education lab
Keysight N9000B Specs
Frequency: n/a
Frequency Options: 3, 7.5, 13.6, 26.5 GHz
Maximum Analysis Bandwidth: 25 MHz
Bandwidth Options: 10 standard, 25 MHz
Maximum Real-Time Bandwidth: n/a
Real-Time Bandwidth Options: n/a
DANL @1 GHz: -163 dBm
Phase Noise @1 GHz (10 kHz offset): -110 dBc/Hz
Phase Noise @1 GHz (30 kHz offset): n/a
Phase Noise @1 GHz (1 MHz offset): -130 dBc/Hz
Overall Amplitude Accuracy: ±0.5 dB
TOI @1 GHz (3rd Order Intercept): +17 dBm
Maximum Dynamic Range 3rd Order @1 GHz: 111 dB
Applications-General Purpose:
  • 89600 VSA Software
  • Analog Demodulation
  • Noise Figure
  • Phase Noise
  • Pulse
  • Stimulus Response
  • LTE/LTE-Advanced
  • NB-IoT
Applications-Wireless Connectivity:
  • Short Range Communications (ZigBee, Z-Wave)
  • Bluetooth® (BR/EDR/LE4.2/5.0)
  • WLAN 802.11(a/b/g/j/p/n/ac/af/ah/ax)
Applications-Digital Video: n/a
Performance Level: ◆◆◇◇◇◇
Standard Attenuator Range: 50 dB
Standard Attenuator Step: 10 dB
Minimum Duration for 100% Probability of Intercept: n/a
Detectable Signal Duration w/Signal to Mask >60 dB: n/a
Spur Free Dynamic Range: n/a
Multi-Domain Bandwidth: n/a
Display Views: n/a
  • Level
  • RF Burst
  • Line
  • External
  • Periodic
Applications with Frequency Mask Trigger: n/a
DANL @2 GHz, No Preamplifier: n/a
DANL @10 GHz, No Preamplifier: -142 dBm/Hz
Applications Available: Yes
Benchtop: Yes