Keysight N9020B MXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch, 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz

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The Keysight N9020B MXA Signal Analyzer is an intuitive and versatile measurement device that performs detailed tests on RF signals. The N9020B MXA signal analyzer stands out with a vast 10 Hz to 50 GHz frequency range and an analysis bandwidth that reaches 160 MHz.

With a Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) of -172 dBm and phase noise at 1 GHz of -114 dBc/Hz, this MXA signal analyzer excels with a wide range of complicated signals. The Keysight N9020B MXA Signal Analyzer also handles tests on signals with an EVM of 0.3 percent, or -50 dB, delivering the same comprehensive results.

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, the Keysight N9020B MXA Signal Analyzer makes those complex tests even easier and faster. The N9020B MXA has a multi-touch, 10.6-inch display that allows for one-button measurements. The 1280 x 768-pixel screen shortens test duration with improved display updates and marker peak searches. Although the color-coded results and custom measurement displays organize results, it also shortens any possible troubleshooting time.