Keysight N9030B PXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-Touch, 3 Hz to 50 GHz

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The Keysight N9030B PXA is a multi-touch signal analyzer that operates over a frequency range of 3 kHz to 50 GHz and an analysis bandwidth of up to 510 MHz. Keysight PXA N9030B analyzers are designed to provide enhanced signal analysis features for complicated and intensive test applications.

The PXA N9030B is especially ideal for high-performance aerospace, defense, and telecommunications test scenarios, particularly in research and development. PXA signal analyzers allow users to test signals over broad bandwidths, increase measurement certainty, and can discover concealed signals by means of noise floor extensions.

Users can choose from a diverse array of options as well, adding sophisticated features like real-time spectrum analysis. Other Keysight N9030B features include visualizing small signals with spurious-free dynamic range, gap-free streaming up to 255 MHz, and transient waveform analysis.