Megger S1-5005 Insulation Tester 5 kV

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Rent Megger S1-5005 Insulation Tester 5 kV
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Megger S1-5005
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S1-5005 Datasheet
The Megger S1-5005 is an automatic 5 kV insulation tester with a high output current and real-time RS232 download. Several diagnostic insulation test procedures are pre-programmed to allow automatic safe operation. A large, analogue/digital LCD shows resistance values up to 5 TΩ and incorporates a timer and other test information.

The output current, of up to 5 mA, speeds up testing by charging capacitive loads quickly. Test voltages and times can also be selected to a wide range of values allowing automatic operation. High safety is provided by the locking test leads, automatic discharge circuit and displaying high voltage warnings.
Megger S1-5005 Features
Test types:
  • Insulation resistance measured to >5 T Ω allows trends of good insulation to be monitored
  • Test current measured down to 0.01 nA enables very high resistance to be calculated
  • Polarization Index gives a figure for the amount of dirt and moisture on the insulation
  • Step Voltage test gradually stresses the insulation more to show up cracks or holes
  • Dielectric Discharge gives a figure for the absorbed moisture from the discharge characteristics

  • Conductor voltage measurement to 1000 V alerts the operator to live circuits
  • Capacitance of test sample measured up to 10 μF
  • Guard terminal for removing surface leakage from the measurement
  • High test current minimizes charging times on capacitive insulation
  • 500, 1000, 2500 & 5000 V standard test voltages quickly selectable
  • Variable test voltage 25 to 5000 V allows testing to manufacturers specification
  • Test timer up to 90 minutes can be used to stop the test without operator input
  • Results displayed in digital and analogue form
  • RS232 output for real-time download to PC
  • Communication software and lead supplied as standard

Power Supply:
  • Battery powered, rechargeable from an a.c. or d.c. source
  • At least 8 hours testing with a fully charged battery
  • Battery voltage is constantly monitored and displayed
  • Robust tester case with accessory storage, weatherproof to IP54
  • Instrument safety IEC1010-1
  • Dual warning of presence of HV by LED and flashing LCD arrows