Multi-Amp EPOCH-40 Dynamic Timer/DC Relay Test Set

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The Multi-Amp / Megger EPOCH-40 test set combines regulated dc voltage and current sources, a microprocessor based digital timer and a special potential switching circuit. It was designed to provide a rugged, portable timer and auxiliary dc voltage and current unit. The Multi-Amp EPOCH-40 can be used with other members of the Multi-Amp EPOCH family.

The timer is used to measure the elapsed time of operation of the relay under test It incorporates start and stop gates to monitor the contact opening or closure, the "firing" of a trip circuit SCR and the application or removal of an ac or dc voltage signal.

When the Multi-Amp EPOCH-40 is combined with the Multi-Amp EPOCH-10, electromechanical or solid-state relays can be easily tested. The Multi-Amp EPOCH-10 and Multi-Amp EPOCH-40 combination can be used to perform timing tests on many commonly used relays. The table below is a brief listing of the different types of relays by device number that a single Multi-Amp EPOCH-40 can be used to test.