Narda Automatic DF-Antenna 1 Basic Set

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The Narda Automatic DF-Antenna 1 Basic Set provides you with a light weight yet robust directional antenna for the frequency range from 200 MHz to 2.7 GHz, which is used for cellular communications among other things. The Narda Automatic DF-Antenna 1 Basic Set also includes an antenna adapter that allows you to use your own antennas together with the SignalShark Antenna Handle. This enables you to benefit from the integrated compass, low noise amplifier, and automatic polarization detector in the handle when using your own antennas.

It is often necessary to locate the position of a signal transmitter once the signals have been detected and analyzed. SignalShark supports the new Automatic Direction Finding Antennas (ADFAs) from Narda, allowing quick and reliable RF signal localization. With this set the user can maintaining PMR and mobile networks by finding transmitters and interferers fast and reliably, protecting areas and signal reconnaissance. Each Narda Automatic DF-Antenna 1 Basic Set comes with the titular antenna, a 3 mm Allen Wrench, a copy of handling and safety instructions, and a shipping carton with an inlet.

The Narda Automatic DF-Antenna 1 Basic Set is compatible with the Narda SignalShark Signal Analyzer.