Rohde & Schwarz PR200 Portable Monitoring Receiver

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The Rohde & Schwarz PR200 is a portable monitoring receiver designed for discovering, analyzing, and finding the source of RF interference over a frequency range of 8 kHz to 8 GHz. R&S PR200 receivers are handheld, lightweight, and ready for field testing, performing frequency / time domain tests over a real-time bandwidth of up to 40 MHz. Whether your application is RF interference huting, spectrum monitoring, RF direction finding, spectrum clearance, or cell site testing, the Rohde & Schwarz PR200 is the ideal tool, thanks to its synthesis of powerful RF signal analysis and broad-ranging measurement features advantageous for analyzing up to 5G.

Spectrum Monitoring

Rohde & Schwarz PR200 RF interference hunting tools give users a full suite of spectrum monitoring and real-time analysis features, helping to detect interference, identify the signal, and determine its compliance with laws, regulations, and standards. The PR200's wideband, gapless 40 MHz real-time measurement is intended for both indoor and outdoor applications. Monitoring is simplified and enriched by sophisticated features like polychrome spectrum, time domain analysis, direction finding, and measurements that fulfill ITU compliance.

RF Interference Hunting

Our dense ecosystem of wireless signals is only growing in complexity with the advent of 5G, meaning RF interference is more common than ever, threatening network quality and consumer cellular performance. The R&S PR200 empowers RF techs to find, analyze, and trace the source of RF signals. Real-time spectrum analysis, polychrome spectrum analysis, and polychrome time domain analysis with time-gated spectrum functionality allows users to pinpoint even hidden or obscured RF interference. The PR200 will then guide you to the signal's source with manual homing/finding, AoA automatic direction finding, or drive testing in unison with Rohde & Schwarz MobileLocator software.