OMICRON CMC 256 Voltage Protective Relay Test Set

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The OMICRON CMC 256 Voltage Protective Relay Test Set is one of the top choices for high-accuracy testing. This unit is not only a reliable test set for protection devices of all kinds but also an all-inclusive calibration tool. Due to the OMICRON CMC 256 Plus's high precision, the unit for allows calibrating a wide range of measuring devices, including electricity meters of class 0.2, measuring transducers, power quality measurement devices, and phasor measurement units (PMU). The excellent current measuring accuracy of error < 0.015 % rd.3 + 0.005 % rg.3 typ. at 0-12.5 A and flexibility make the CMC 256 Plus ideal for protection and measurement. The Protective Relay Test set is suitable for research and development, production, and type testing. The CMC 256 Plus can be operated by the Test Universe software, running on a PC or by the front panel control device CMControl. This unit is also compliant with NERC/FERC protective relay standards testing.