Pacific Power Source 390AMXT 9 kVA Power Source

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Pacific Power Source 390AMXT 9 kVA Power Source
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Pacific Power 390AMXT
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Manual 390AMXT Datasheet
9 kV AC Power Source
Pacific Power 390AMXT Features
  • IEEE-488.2 or RS-232C with SCPI compatibility
  • LabVIEW for Windows®/LabWindows®drivers
  • Waveform Creation by Harmonic Synthesis Option
  • Graphical Analysis (Voltage and Current)
  • Harmonic Analysis (Voltage and Current) Option
  • Metering of RMS and Peak Values
  • Continuous Self Calibration (CSC)
  • Line Sync Option
  • 6:1 Peak Current Capability
  • Low Impedance for IEC555 Testing
  • Programmable Output Impedance Option
  • Up to 0-300 VAC Direct Coupled Output
  • 1 Phase / 3 Phase Switch Selectable Output
  • 20-5000 Hz Full Power Bandwidth
  • Power Levels from 500 VA to 12 kVA
  • Externally Referenced Meter Calibration
  • CE or ETL Mark available
Pacific Power 390AMXT Specs
Rated Power 9000 VA
Max Power 14500 VA
Output Form
Output Volts Max 135/270 135(l-n) Vrms
Output Amps 72/24 - 24 per Φ ARMS
Output Amps 330/110 - 110 per Φ APEAK
Input Power Form
Input Voltage 208/220/240/380/416
1.5:1 Ratio, 0-202V l-n
2.0:1 Ratio, 0-270V l-n
2.5:1 Ratio, 0-338V l-n
Pacific Power 390AMXT Standards
Document of capable IEC Standards