Powerside PSL-IPC-240V-25A Industrial Power Corruptor

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The Powerside PSL-IPC-240V-25A Industrial Power Corruptor is an advanced and vital device to ensure power quality and immunity to sag in power supplies. The PSL-IPC-240V-25A Industrial Power Corruptor reliably produces substandard power to ensure a device can maintain high power and voltages. The industrial power corruptor can guarantee that electrical equipment meets a wide range of immunity requirements and test standards including SEMI F47, IEC 61000-4-11, and IEC 61000-4-34.

The Powerside PSL-IPC-240V-25A Industrial Power Corruptor is built for high-power handling to analyze vulnerable systems, with a voltage range from 100 to 240 Vrms. Able to use as a single-phase or 3-phase connection, the device performs precise sag and swell testing with a magnitude of 0 to 125% of nominal voltage. A 28 channel data acquisition system with voltage and current sensors provides even more versatility when testing.

A user-friendly design also helps create test conditions that are both safe and precise. The Powerside PSL-IPC-240V-25A Industrial Power Corruptor has a simple front panel to display control switches. A knob on the front panel also simplifies the selections for phase-to-phase sags and swells.