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The Rohde & Schwarz ETL TV Analyzer is the universal reference for the analysis of TV, mobile TV and sound broadcasting signals. Rohde & Schwarz ETL TV Analyzers combine the functionality of a TV and FM (radio) signal analyzer, a video and MPEG TS analyzer and a spectrum analyzer in a single instrument. The R&S ETL also contains generators to create analog video signals, audio signals and MPEG-2 transport streams. The Rohde & Schwarz ETL's innovative instrument concept facilitates the flexible integration of demodulators for analog and digital TV standards as well as sound broadcasting. All of the demodulators work in realtime; fast signal processing allows comprehensive, extremely accurate measurements. Its wide range of functions and flexible configuration make the R&S ETL TV analyzer the universal reference for the analysis of TV signals – for TV and cable network operators, transmitter manufacturers, service technicians and regulatory authorities.