Rohde & Schwarz FSV Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

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Rohde & Schwarz FSV Signal and Spectrum Analyzers are general purpose analyzers with a frequency range up to 4/7/13.6/30/40 GHz and a signal analysis bandwidth of 160 MHz. The Rohde & Schwarz FSV series offers users a rich set of signal analysis software and powerful measurement functions perfect for the development, production, installation and servicing of RF systems. The analysis software for R&S®FSV signal and spectrum analyzers, the R&S®VSE vector signal explorer, features in-depth pulse analysis, OFDM vector signal analysis and EUTRA/LTE NB-IoT (narrowband internet of things) UL and DL testing. The R&S®FSV analyzer offers an array of sophisticated spectral measurement functions and statistical measurements and its 200 Msample signal memory allows for the recording of long signal sequences.