Rohde & Schwarz SMG1000 Signal Generator 100kHz - 1000MHz

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This product has been discontinued.

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Signal Generator SMG from Rohde&Schwarz is a cost-effective instrument for testing AM, FM and fM receivers and for component measurements. Designed exclusively for the main applications of signal generators by cutting out the unnecessary, the SMG features an outstanding price/performance ratio. Thanks to its comprehensive basic features and excellent signal characteristics, it is an economical solution for universal use in lab, production and service environments. Uncomplicated Operation The panel controls are ergonomically arranged. The patented, magnetically locking spin wheel is easy to turn, nevertheless, the user can feel each setting step exactly. Fast tuning and programming of the step width are also possible. Frequently used settings can be stored and recalled at any time. Reliability of Operation, Ease of Maintenance. The built-in self-test facility continuously monitors the signal generator status. If there are any malfunctions, these are immediately detected and indicated. The user thus has an effective protection against invalid measurements, should the generator ever fail. Low-cost, Ideal for Receiver Testing and Component Measurements.