Solar 8282-1 Transient Pulse Generator

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Solar Electronics 8282
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8282 Datasheet
The Solar 8282-1 Transient Pulse Generator incorporates all the flexibility and technical excellence of the previous models and provides features required by specification MIL-STD-461B/C. The Model 8282-1 provides up to 600 volts peak amplitude for each of the 0.15, 5.0 and 10.0 S spikes. The output voltage rises steeply to peak amplitude as adjusted by the panel control, then falls exponentially to cross through zero at the duration of 0.15, 5.0, or 10.0 S as selected by push buttons. The voltage falls below zero and “rings” for a period determined by the inductance in the output circuit or the load. The peak amplitude displayed on the LED meter is the value that would appear across a 5.0 ohm non-inductive load.
Solar Electronics 8282 Features
  • Provides outputs up to 600 volts peak amplitude for the 0.15, 5.0 and 10.0 S spikes into a five ohm resistive load (low source impedance).
  • A wide range of repetition rates allows spike injection in terms of the pulse rates of items being tested.
  • The single pulse feature enables controlled isolation of transient effects.
  • Adjustable pulse position on a.c. power lines relates the transient susceptibility to the real time aspects of digital circuitry served by a.c. power.
  • Transients can be injected in synchronism with repetitive circuit functions as required by Method CS06 of MIL-STD-462.
  • Remote triggering of single or repetitive pulses in terms of particular system characteristics.
Solar Electronics 8282 Specs
Spike Durations: Selectable durations of 0.15 μS, 5.0 μS and 10.0 μS (±20%)
Adjustable Peak Amplitude: Up to 600V for 0.15 μS, 5.0 μS and 10.0 μS into 5 ohm non-inductive load
Internal Impedance: Less than 5.0 ohms for 0.15 μS, less than 2.0 ohms for 5.0 μS, less than 1.0 ohm for 10.0 μS.
Pulse Repetition Rate: Manually adjustable up to 50 p.p.s. for all pulse durations.
Pulse Position: Adjustable from 0° to 360° on 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 400 Hz power lines.
External Sync Operation: Remotely triggerable up to 50 p.p.s. for 0.15 μS, up to 1000 p.p.s. for 5.0 and 10.0 μS.