Solar 9142-1N Bulk Current Injection Probe, 2 MHz - 450 MHz

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Solar 9142-1N Bulk Current Injection Probe, 2 MHz - 450 MHz
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Solar Electronics 9142-1N
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9142-1N Datasheet Accessory Kit Supplemental Document

The principal use of the bulk current injection probe is for inducing RF current into the signal and power cables of equipment under test to determine conducted RF susceptibility.

The injection probe can also be used as a sensor. The conductor or cable under test is passed through the probe aperture (window) and becomes a one-turn secondary winding, (when the probe is used for signal injection) or a one-turn primary (when the probe is used for current measurement).

The 9142-1N features a "clamp on "design which facilitates installation and speeds the measurement of EMI testing.
Solar Electronics 9142-1N Specs
Frequency range: 2 MHz to 450 MHz
Maximum input power: 200 watts
Maximum input current: 50 Amperes
Maximum time for continuous rating at full power: 30 minutes
Recommended maximum temperature rise: 35 degrees C
Maximum core temperature: 80 degrees C
Turns ratio: 1:1
Input receptacle: Type "N" Female
Weight: 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs.)
Fastening: Thumb Screw