Solar 9144-1N Injection Probe

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Solar 9144-1N Injection Probe
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Solar Electronics 9144-1N
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Specifications Brochure
Specifications require the injection of large high frequency currents into cable bundles and individual wires, using inserted secondary toroidal transformers placed around the conductors being tested.

The Solar 91441N Injection Probe is a split toroidal design where the probe can be opened up and clamped over the wire(s) under test. Each probe is calibrated for insertion loss and transfer impedance in a test fixture designed for the particular window size.This fixture provides a signal path with a low Voltage Standing Wave Ratio.
Solar Electronics 9144-1N Specs
Window Diameter 1.50" (38 mm)
Winding Current 26
Rated Watts 100
Insertion Loss
Under 10 dB
Under 15 dB
Under 20 dB

200 KHz - 8 MHz
70 KHz - 90 MHz
40 KHz -100 MHz
Frequency Range 10 KHz -100 MHz
Solar Electronics 9144-1N Applications
High power R.F. amplifiers with 50 ohm output impedance are used to deliver voltage to the injection probe. The wire or cable through the window of the probe acts as a secondary of the toroidal transformers. This test method is intended to be used instead of earlier methods, such as CS-01, CS-02, and RS-02 of MIL-STD-461.