Tektronix ST112 SONET Test Set

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Tektronix ST112 SONET Test Set
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Tektronix Test Equipment ST112
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ST112 Datasheet
The ST112's SONET capabilities include not only optical carrier generation, but also STS-3c/12c, DS3 and VT1.5 payload generation. Additional features include:
  • VT Channel Scan for testing VT mappings
  • Event sync (Opt. 07) provides output signals for deriving switch timing or propagation delay from alarm conditions
  • Byte synchronous payload mapping for next generation DLC testing
  • Full error and alarm generation

The ST112 Receiver analyzes the incoming optical signal and displays performance-monitoring information for the optical signal and payloads.
Tektronix Test Equipment ST112 Features
  • OC-1/3/3c/12/12c Framing and Payload per Bellcore and ANSI Specifications
  • Complete Overhead and Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT)
  • Extended Control and Measurement Display via VT100 and RS-232 Support
  • STS-3c/12c, DS3 and VT1.5 Payload Mappings
  • User-upgradeable Software
  • Unique VT1.5 Channel Scan and SONET Trouble Scan
  • Standalone DS1/3 Test Capability
  • Six DSX-3 or Six STSX-1 and Four DSX-1 Outputs
  • Quick Setup for Automatic Configuration of Standard Test Modes
  • AutoSeek (Automatic Detection of Receive Signal) and AutoLink (Receiver Follows Transmitter)
  • Full SPE and VT Pointer Control
  • Multiple Electrical Outputs for Four DS1, Six DS3/STSX-1
  • Access to All SONET Overhead Bytes
  • Data Communications Channel (DCC) Add/Drop
  • Multiple Simultaneous Timed Alarms and Errors (for Software Regression Testing and Other Applications)
Tektronix Test Equipment ST112 Applications
  • SONET Network Element Testing
  • Loopback Testing
  • End-to-End Testing and Monitoring
  • Path Provisioning and Performance Monitoring
  • Software Regression Testing