Tektronix TC2000 Protocol Analyzer

Tektronix TC2000 Protocol Analyzer networks at speeds up to 72 Kbps
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Tektronix Test Equipment TC2000
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  • Provides full-duplex, dual-port monitoring of data communications networks at speeds up to 72 Kbps and emulation up to 64 Kbps
  • Standard Protocols: SDLC, SNA, HDLC, X.25, DDCMP, IPARS, and ISDN protocols: LAP-D, CCIS7, AND Q.931
  • Features include: detailed protocol decoding split screen display, filtering, emulation/statistic/graphic programming, time stamping on character basis to 0.1 ms, 1 Mb capture buffer, lead state analysis, automatic line configuration, BERT, event trapping, multi-page freeze buffer, data recording (up to 18 Mb) and playback, 256 Kb bit recording and playback, full remote, and RS232 interface ports