Viavi C4000 Enterprise Services Application Module (ESAM)

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Rent JDSU C4000 Enterprise Services Application Module (ESAM)
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Viavi Solutions C4000-LAN
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C4000-LAN Datasheet
Through its intuitive workflow-based user interface the Enterprise Services Application Module (ESAM) for the T-BERD/MTS-4000 modular platform provides users with physical media tests including speed-certification of electrical Ethernet cabling, network connectivity tests, discovery, wire-speed deep-packet statistics, and wire-speed protocol capture and expert analysis using unique, in-depth J-Mentor capabilities.
Viavi Solutions C4000-LAN Features
  • Provides Layer 1-7 protocol capture and expert analysis
  • Offers wirespeed deep packet statistics and analysis
  • Tests network connectivity
  • Performs network discovery
  • Conducts a full range of physical media tests
  • Offers a workflow-based user interface
Viavi Solutions C4000-LAN Specs
Test Ports RJ-45 for cable test 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T for Network tests
SFP cage For SFP modules (1000BASE-SX standard, other optional SPFs
LEDs RJ-45 Link and Activity LEDs
Memory Capture Buffer 1 Gigabyte
Application 128 Megabyte
Flash 16 Megabyte
Power consumption with ESAM 22 Watts maximum
Cooling with ESAM 3 internal temperature-controlled low-noise fans
Battery Life with ESAM Approximately 2.0 hours w/Base Unit Li-ion (9-Cell)
Viavi Solutions C4000-LAN Applications
  • Perform all-in-one enterprise testing: verify that copper cables support gigabit Ethernet, test network connectivity (from Ethernet interface discovery to Layer 4 Port connectivity), discover network devices both on and off the subnet, collect statistics and analyze network utilization/traffic patterns, and perform wirespeed capture on gigabit Ethernet links.
  • Speed certify electrical Ethernet up to 1000BASE-T.
  • Isolate and resolve Ethernet or IP problems in the field using unique, in-depth JDSU J-Mentor capture and decode capabilities.