Anritsu 68037B Synthesized CW Generator, 2 to 20 GHz

Rent Anritsu 68037B Synthesized CW Generator, 2 to 20 GHz
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Anritsu 68037B
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Datasheet Accessory Kit
The Anritsu 68037B Synthesized CW Generator features 2 to 20 GHz frequency coverage. CW or step sweep, low SSB phase noise and spurious signals, output levels to +17 dBm, and optional 0.1 Hz resolution combine to make these sources ideal for local oscillator replacement applications. To meet requirements that expand over time, economical upgrades are available to any higher performing model. For the most demanding CW requirements, the 68037B provides the ultimate in performance.


  • Ultra-low SSB phase noise; –83 dBc at 10 kHz offset from 10 GHz
  • 2 to 20 GHz frequency coverage in a single coaxial output
  • Waveguide extensions to 110 GHz
  • Economical upgrades
  • +17 dBm maximum power, –125 dBm minimum power
  • User down-loaded complex modulation


CW mode Output Twenty independent, presettable CW frequencies (F0 to F9 and M0 to M9)
Accuracy Same as internal or external 10 MHz time base
Internal time base stability With aging: <2 x 10–8/day (<5 x 10–10/day with Option 16)
stability With temperature: <2 x 10–8/°C over 0°C(<2 x 10–10/°C with Option 16)
Resolution 1 kHz (0.1 Hz with Option 11)
Switching time <40 ms to be within 1 kHz of final frequency (typical maximum)
CW power sweep Range Sweeps between any two power levels at a single CW frequency
Resolution 0.01 dB/step
Accuracy Same as CW power accuracy
Step size User-controlled, 0.01 dB to the full power range of the instrument
Step dwell time Variable from 1 ms to 99 seconds. If the sweep crosses a step attenuator setting, there will be a sweep dwell of approximately 20 ms to allow setting of the step attenuator.
  • Option 1: Rack mounting kit, includes one set of track slides (90° tilt capability), mounting ears, and front panel handles for mounting in a standard 19-inch equipment rack
  • Option 2A: Step attenuator (10 dB/step, high-end frequency of ²26.5 GHz, rated output power is reduced)
  • Option 2B: Step attenuator (10 dB/step, high-end frequency of ²40 GHz, rated output power is reduced)
  • Option 2C: Step attenuator (10 dB/step, high-end frequency of ²50 GHz, rated output power is reduced)
  • Option 2D: Step attenuator (10 dB/step, high-end frequency of ²60 GHz, rated output power is reduced)
  • Option 6: Phase modulation capability FM input and FM generator become FM/øM input and FM/øM generator (69200A, 68200B, 69300A and 68300B series) Not available with option 7
  • Option 7: Generators deletes the internal AM and FM generators (69200A, 68200B, 69300A and 68300B series). External AM and FM capability remains unchanged. Not available in combination with  Option 6, 8, 10 or 20
  • Option 8: Internal power meter adds an internal power (69200A, 68200B, 69300A and 68300B series) compatible with 560-7, 5400-7, or 6400-71 series detectors. Not available with Option 7
  • Option 9: Rear panel RF output (moves RF output connector to the rear panel)
  • Option 10: Complex modulation (user defined modulation includes serial cable and Windows® based software) (69200A, 68200B, 69300A and 68300B series) (*Not available with Option 7)
  • Option 11: 0.1 Hz frequency resolution (provides frequency resolution of 0.1 Hz)
  • Option 14: Wiltron 360B VNA compatibility (modifies rack mounting hardware to mate unit in Wiltron 360B VNA console)
  • Option 15: High power output (provides high-power from 2 to 26.5 GHz)
  • Option 16: High stability time base (adds an ovenized, 10 MHz crystal oscillator as a high-stability time base)
  • Option 17: Delete front panel (deletes the front panel for use in remote control applications where a front panel display and keyboard control are not needed)
  • Option 18: MM-wave bias (rear panel bias output to drive 54000-XX WRXX multiplier. BNC twinax: not available with Option 20)
  • Option 19: SCPI programmability adds GPIB command mnemonics complying with Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI), Version 1993.0. SCPI programming complies with IEEE 488.2–1987
  • Option 20: SCAN modulator (adds an internal SCAN modulator for simulating high-depth amplitude modulated signals in models 68237B, 68337B, 68247B and 68347B only. Requires an external modulating signal input: not available in combination with Option 7 or Option 18)