Anritsu MS2702A Spectrum Analyzer 100 Hz to 24.5 GHz

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The MS2702A is a high-performance wide-band spectrum analyzer which covers the 100 Hz to 24.5 GHz range. The MS2702A uses a fully-synthesized local oscillator and amplitude calibrations to give accurate, stable frequency and level measurements. In addition, the analyzer also has four display modes and a burst waveform spectrum analysis function.

For external, automated and memory control two GP-IB interfaces, a PTA (Personal Test Automation) function, and a PMC (Plug-in Memory Card) have been included as standard features. Consequently, a variety of software applications and measuring system networks can be easily constructed with this system.

The M52702A has a broad range of applications such as satellite/microwave communications, microwave components testing, semiconductor testing, satellite broadcasting, radar evaluation, quasi-microwave mobile communications, video system testing, and the development of new devices for communications system.