Anritsu MS2702A Spectrum Analyzer 100 Hz to 24.5 GHz

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 Anritsu MS2702A Spectrum Analyzer
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Anritsu MS2702A
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MS2702A Datasheet Supplemental Document

The MS2702A is a high-performance wide-band spectrum analyzer which covers the 100 Hz to 24.5 GHz range. The MS2702A uses a fully-synthesized local oscillator and amplitude calibrations to give accurate, stable frequency and level measurements. In addition, the analyzer also has four display modes and a burst waveform spectrum analysis function.

For external, automated and memory control two GP-IB interfaces, a PTA (Personal Test Automation) function, and a PMC (Plug-in Memory Card) have been included as standard features. Consequently, a variety of software applications and measuring system networks can be easily constructed with this system.

The M52702A has a broad range of applications such as satellite/microwave communications, microwave components testing, semiconductor testing, satellite broadcasting, radar evaluation, quasi-microwave mobile communications, video system testing, and the development of new devices for communications system.

Anritsu MS2702A Specs
Frequency Range 100 Hz to 24.5 GHz
Input Impedance 50O
Sweep time 50 ms to 2000 s
Resolution Bandwidth 10Hz to 3MHz, Steps: 1/3/10
Video Bandwidth 1Hz to 3MHz
Max Single-Side-Band Noise -103 dBc/Hz
Displayed Average Noise -135dBm to -110dBm
Data Storage Type PCMCIA
Option 001