Anritsu MS2840A-040 Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer

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The Anritsu MS2840A-040 Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer offers a frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz, and its carrier close-in SSB phase noise performance is overwhelmingly best-of-class for middle range models. The Anritsu MS2840A-040 supports measurements across a wide frequency band ranging from applications such as microwave wireless backhaul, requiring high phase-noise performance to measure transmitter carrier close-in spurious, to VHF/UHF private mobile radio (PMR). Connecting the High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2806A/MA2808A to an Anritsu MS2840A-040 not only supports wide dynamic range measurements from 50 to 90 GHz but also eliminates image-response effects at wideband signal measurements, supporting millimeter-wave wideband wireless applications, such as wireless backhaul, automobile radar, WiGig, etc., as well as evaluation of millimeter-wave radar antenna sidelobe characteristics, which requires high sensitivity. Additionally, spectrum measurements up to 325 GHz are supported by connecting the External Mixer (Harmonic Mixer) MA27xxC series.

The Anritsu MS2840A-040 Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer is a model of the Anritsu MS2840A Series.