Montena EMP80K-5-500 Short Pulse Generator 80 kV

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The Montena EMP80K-5-500 Short Pulse Generator 80 kV is used to measure the performance of points of entry and of protective devices according to MIL-STD188-125-1/2 (PCI: pulse current injection). It produces double exponential current pulses of short duration. As an alternative to the 350 kV / 5 kA generator, this equipment allows the test of each wire of a cable bundle for which the total current of 5 kA is split in each connection. An important advantage of this generator is the wide amplitude range from less than 5 kV to 80 kV. It can be fully controlled by a computer through a RS232 and USB interface. We also provide all the necessary accessories like current probes, coupling and decoupling networks, fiber optic links, etc. The automation software is also proposed as an option.