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The Fluke Versiv Cable Certifying cabling is one part of a process that starts with systems design and ends with systems acceptance. The faster that process goes, the more profitable you'll be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that slow the process down.

Research shows that over 90% of contractors report dealing with issues related to set-up, testing, and reporting every month. More than half report dealing with seven or more issues. Add it all up and a week of labor is wasted on a typical 1,000 drop job.

5 Reasons upgrading to the Fluke Versiv will save you money

The Fluke Versiv Cable Certification Family was designed to eradicate those problems. Its ProjX™ management system manages job requirements and progress from set-up to systems acceptance, making sure all tests are completed correctly. The Taptive™ user interface simplifies set-up, eliminates errors and speeds troubleshooting. And LinkWare™ management software quickly creates reports customers can understand. With Versiv, you're getting to systems acceptance faster.
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