Keysight 83650L Synthesized Swept-CW Generator

HP Agilent 83650L Synthesized Swept-CW Generator
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Keysight 83650L
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Manual Datasheet Specifications
The Keysight 83650L combines the excellent frequency resolution, level control, signal purity, and modulation capabilities you expect of a high-performance synthesized signal generator with the speed and convenience of a sweep oscillator. It is ideal for the demanding requirements of signal simulation, local oscillator, and stimulus/response component or subsystem test applications.
Keysight 83650L Features
  • +2.5 dBm calibrated output power
  • -50 dBc harmonics <26.5 GHz typical
  • SSB phase noise <-80 dBc at 10 GHz and 10 kHz offset
  • Complete analog sweeper
  • -110 dBm output power with step attenuator (Option 001, please consult your sales representative on availability)
Keysight 83650L Specs
Range 10 MHz to 50 GHz
Resolution 1 kHz (1 Hz with Option 008)
Internal Reference Oscillator
Frequency 10 MHz
Timebase Stability Aging Rate: 5 x 1010/day; 1 x 10 7/year
Temperature Effects 1 x 10 10/°C
Line Voltage Effects 5 x 10 10 (10°C change in voltage)
CW and Manual Modes
Accuracy Timebase stability xfc
Switching Time For Steps Within a Frequency Band: 15 ms + 5 ms/GHz step size
Maximum, or Across Band Switch Points: 50 ms

Step or List Modes Within a Frequency Band: 5 ms + 5 ms/GHzstep size

Step Sweep Mode
Accuracy Timebase stability xfc
Minimum Step Size Same as frequency resolution
Number of Points 2 to 801
Switching Time Same as CW
Dwell Time 100 µs to 3.2s