Keysight 8672A Synthesized Signal Generator

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Rent Agilent 8672A Synthesized Signal Generator
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Keysight 8672A
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8672A Datasheet
The 8672A Synthesized Signal Generator delivers precise microwave signals over the 2.0 to 18.0 GHz frequency range. It features calibrated and leveled output power, AM/FM modulation capability, and full HP-IB program ability. The 8672A delivers exceptionally flat power across the full frequency range. For receiver sensitivity measurements, power is internally (or externally) leveled and calibrated to -120 dBm.
Keysight 8672A Specs
Frequency Range: 2 GHz - 18 GHz
Frequency Bands and Resolution: Band 0: 0.01 - 2.0 GHz, 1 kHz
Band 1: 2.0 -6.2 GHz, 1 kHz
Band 2: 6.2 GHz - 12.4 GHz, 2 kHz
Band 3: 12.4 - 18.0 GHz, 3 kHz
Time Base: Internal 10 MHz or external 5 or 10 MHz
Frequency Switching Time: <20 ms to be within specified resolution, all bands.