Keysight E4407B Spectrum Analyzer | 9k-26.5GHz

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The Keysight E4407B Spectrum Analyzer has a one-millisecond RF sweep time and virtual real-time measurement updates to the display or through GPIB. The E4407B has a built-in counter that precisely identifies signals, using the 1 Hz marker-based counter. Applications for the Keysight E4407B Spectrum Analyzer include aerospace and defense as well as the production line. The E4407B's basic frequency range is 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz, with Option UKB extending low-end frequency coverage to 30 Hz. The device has express analyzer configurations (STD/STG/COM). The E4407B Spectrum Analyzer is equipped with a weather-resistant front panel that allows operation in the rain and high humidity. In addition to GPIB, the E4407B has LAN/USB capabilities in case technicians need to do in-depth signal analysis, which can be completed using 89601A VSA software.