Megger PULSAR Universal Protective Relay Test System

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PULSAR Datasheet
The Megger PULSAR Universal Protective Relay Test System represents the next generation in protective relay testing. This one-unit, modular system lets you select the testing capabilities you need now and expand as your requirements change. The PULSAR base unit includes the chassis, back plane, and input power and control module. The system is customized by adding a timer module and the number of current and voltage amplifier modules needed for specific testing applications. For example, adding the timer, one current amplifier module and one voltage amplifier module to the base unit provides a variable ac/dc current and voltage output, adjustable phase angle and frequency settings, and comprehensive control, timing and monitoring circuits. This configuration tests single-phase relays. Add up to three current and three voltage amplifier modules to create a full, three-phase relay test system in one portable unit.
Megger PULSAR Features
  • Configured to provide complete three-phase variable current, voltage, frequency, phase angle, dc voltage, dc current, control, timing and monitoring functions.
  • Modules plug in and slide out easily for system configuration. You can purchase any number of modules for configuration using one or more PULSAR units. This feature also allows for prompt replacement of modules during.
  • With the system's multiple-channel outputs, you can easily change amplitude, phase angle or frequency settings by pushing the ramp up-and-down keys.
  • Combined with the advanced software capabilities of AVTS, automates steady-state and dynamic testing, and performs transient testing via DFR replay or EMTP/ATP simulation.
  • Acceptance tests or troubleshooting can be accomplished by replaying digitally recorded faults or EMTP simulations in the IEEE COMTRADE Standard C 37.111.