OMICRON ARCO 400 Universal Test Set for Recloser Controls

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The OMICRON ARCO 400 is a recloser control tester that provides quick manual trip and close checks and is compatible with recloser-specific test adapters. OMICRON ARCO 400 models simulate a recloser by harnessing OMICRON Smart Connect technology, which enables three-phase testing of the controller in both lab and field environments. An ARCO 400 is equipped with accurate 3-phase 12.5 A current amplifiers, 6-phase voltage amplifiers (8 V or 150 V range), six binary inputs, and nine binary outputs. The execution of predefined ReCoPlan test plans allows for standardization and time savings.

View the accessories tab below for a list of reclosers & sectionalizer controls with the following pin counts:
Pin Interfaces
10 14 19 24 26 32 42