Rohde & Schwarz FSH6 6 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

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Rohde & Schwarz FSH6 6 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
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Rohde & Schwarz FSH6 6 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz FSH6 6 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
Rohde & Schwarz FSH6
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The Rohde & Schwarz FSH6 spectrum analyzer is part of the R&S FSH series of handheld analyzers. The R&S FSH6 is the ideal tool for Installation, optimization and maintenance of WLAN 802.11a networks, general laboratory applications in the higher frequency range, checking and maintenance of the LO frequencies of mobile phones (first LO 3.4 GHz to 3.9 GHz). The R&S FSH6 is available with and without a tracking generator. The tracking generator covers the frequency range from 5 MHz to 6 GHz. When the tracking generator is included, the R&S FSH can be used for distance-to-fault measurements, scalar and vector network analysis and 1-port cable loss measurement. Both models include as standard an adjustable preamplifier, which can be used for sensitive measurements in the R&S FSH6's entire frequency range.

A special highlight is the high dynamic range for scalar and vector transmission measurement. The typically dynamic range in the scalar mode is 80 dB up to 2.2 GHz. With vector measurement, the R&S FSH6 can even attain typ. 90 dB, allowing it to also be used for the most critical antenna isolation measurements on base stations. The long battery operating time remains unchanged with the R&S FSH6 at max. four hours, which is important for use in the field. Of course, all the familiar options like external power sensors, are available for the R&S FSH6.
  Frequency range Tracking generator Output power of tracking generator Preamplifier Resolution bandwidth
FSH6 model .06 100 kHz to 6 GHz 100 Hz to 1 MHz
FSH6 model .26 100 kHz to 6 GHz –10 dBm
(f < 3 GHz) –20 dBm
(f > 3 GHz)
100 Hz to 1 MHz

FSH-B1 Distance-to-Fault Measurement (includes 1 m cable, FSH-Z2 required)
FSH-K1 Remote Control via RS-232-C
FSH-K2 Vector Transmission and Reflection Measurements
FSH-K3 Receiver Mode