Solar 8850-2 High Power Sweep Generator

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The Solar Electronics 8850-2 Power Sweep Generator provides audio power in a manually tuned or sweeping mode for four frequency bands covering 30 Hz to 150 KHz. The sweep rate is compliant with the requirements of Mil-Std-461F for an analog scan, approximately 0.0333 x frequency of oscillation per second.

The Solar 8850-2 200-watt High Power Sweep Generator was specifically designed for use with the Solar Audio Isolation Transformers in making audio frequency susceptibility tests as required by MIL-STD-461E/F CS101. This high-power unit is especially suited for rapidly making tests in the shielded room.

When used with the Type 6220-1A or 6220-2 Audio Isolation Transformer, the combination enables the injection of sinewave audio voltages into active power lines supplying power to Equipment Under Test (EUT). With options such as manual or automatic frequency and features like digital display, there are many ways the Solar Electronics 8850-2 Power Sweep Generator contributes to and improves your projects.
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