Solar 8850-2 High Power Sweep Generator

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The Model 8850-2 Power Sweep Generator provides audio power in a manually tuned or sweeping mode for four frequency bands covering 30 Hz to 150 KHz. The sweep rate is compliant with the requirements of Mil-Std-461F for an analog scan, approximately 0.0333 x frequency of oscillation per second.

The Model 8850-2 200-watt High Power Sweep Generator was specifically designed for use with the Solar Audio Isolation Transformers in making audio frequency susceptibility tests as required by MIL-STD-461E/F CS101. This high power unit is especially suited for rapidly making tests in the shielded room.

When used with the Type 6220-1A or 6220-2 Audio Isolation Transformer, the combination enables the injection of sinewave audio voltages into active power lines supplying power to Equipment Under Test (EUT).
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