Tektronix RSA3303A, 3 GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

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Rent Tektronix RSA3303A 3 GHz Real-Time Spectrum AnalyzerReal-Time Spectrum AnalyzerReal-Time Spectrum Analyzer
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Tektronix Test Equipment RSA3303A
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Manual RSA3303A Datasheet
The Tektronix RSA3303A 3 GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer is a portable real-time spectrum analyzer with RF measurement capability up to 3 GHz. The real-time spectrum analyzer has a vastly different architecture from traditional tools, and is uniquely capable of capturing continuous, intermittent, or random signals with equal ease. The waveform and measurement results of data acquired seamlessly can be displayed in various formats such as frequency versus amplitude, time versus amplitude/frequency/phase, AM/FM/PM demodulation, and spectrogram containing three dimensional information of frequency, time, and amplitude/phase.

  • Opt. 1R – Rackmount.
  • Opt. 1A – External preamp, 20 dB gain to 3 GHz.
  • Opt. 02 – 256 MB Data Memory with Frequency Mask Trigger and Power (Span BW) Trigger.
  • Opt. 03 – Differential IQ Inputs.
  • Opt. 21 – General Purpose Digital Modulation Analysis.
Tektronix Test Equipment RSA3303A Features
  • DC to 3 GHz (RSA3303A) / 8 GHz (RSA3308A) measurement frequency range
  • 00 Hz to 3 GHz measurement span and 15 MHz vector span
  • Real-time analysis for seamless capture of time-varying RF signals
  • Spectrum analysis of power, ACPR, C/N, OBW, EBW, and spurious
  • Analog modulation analysis of AM, PM, FM, ASK and FSK signals
  • Digital modulation analysis ranging from BPSK to 256QAM (Option 21)
  • Time characteristic analysis including pulse measurements
  • CCDF analysis
  • AM/AM and AM/PM distortion analyses (Option 21)
  • Time-correlated simultaneous views
  • Spectrum display
  • Spectrogram display (frequency versus time versus power)
  • Time domain display (IS-95 standard)
  • Analog demodulation display: time versus modulation factor, phase, or frequency
  • Digital demodulation display (Option 21): constellation, eye diagram, symbol table, or EVM
  • 8.4 inch TFT color display and sturdy cabinet