Anritsu S412D LMR Master - Land Mobile Radio Modulation Analyzer

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Rent Anritsu S412D LMR Master - Land Mobile Radio Modulation Analyzer
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Anritsu S412D
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S412D Datasheet
The Anritsu S412D Land Mobile Radio Modulation Analyzer integrated spectrum analysis capability provides the "ultimate" in measurement flexibility for field environments and applications requiring mobility. With the S412D you can locate, identify, record and solve communication systems problems quickly and easily, and with incredible accuracy – making it a perfect solution for conducting field measurements in the 100 kHz to 1.6 GHz frequency range.
Anritsu S412D Specs
Frequency Range: 25 MHz to 1.6 GHz
Frequency Accuracy: ±50 ppm @ +25 °C
Frequency Resolution: 1 kHz (CW On)
100 kHz (CW Off
Output Power: < 0 dBm (–10 dBm nominal)
Immunity to Interfering Signals: On-channel +17 dBm
On-frequency –5 dBm
Measurement Speed: ≤2.5 msec / data point (CW ON)
  • S412D-0021 Transmission Measurement
  • S412D-0025 Interference Analyzer (requires directional antenna)
  • S412D-0027 Channel Scanner
  • S412D-0031 GPS (includes GPS antenna)
  • S412D-0068 iDEN Signal Analyzer
  • S412D-0520 P25 Tx Signal Analyzer
  • S412D-0522 P25 Talk-Out Coverage Measurements