Compliance West MegaPulse Implantable Test 2 Surge Tester

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Rent Compliance West MegaPulse Implantable Test 2 Surge Tester
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Compliance West Implantable Test 2
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Implantable Test 2 Datasheet
The MegaPulse Implantable Test 2 outputs the truncated exponential, monophasic and biphasic, pulse shown in Test 2 of EN45502-2-2, EN45502-1, ISO14117-1 and ISO14708-1. Front panel switch chooses the mono- or biphasic output. All resistor networks are supplied. In accordance with the standard, the MegaPulse Implantable Test 2 can recharge and trigger the next pulse within 20 seconds.
Compliance West Implantable Test 2 Features
  • Biphasic and monophasic, 140V and 270V peak test voltages in accordance with Standard requirements.
  • Front panel voltage meter indicates test peak open circuit voltage and polarity.
  • Output voltage and polarity are controlled manually from the front panel.
  • Ergonomically designed for safety, speed and efficiency.
  • External interlock disables HV output and defeats test when circuit is open.
  • Optional USB Testminder, computer control.
Compliance West Implantable Test 2 Specs
Truncated Exponential Peak Voltage (Vtest): 140V/270 V +5%, -0%
Voltage Control: Manually, by turning a knob in front panel
Polarity Control: Positive and negative. Alternating control available with optional computer control
Voltage Display: 4 digit LED display
Voltage Meter Accuracy: ±3V
Duty Cycle: 1 pulse every 20 seconds
Line Voltage: 120V AC, 50/60Hz
Compliance West Implantable Test 2 Standards
EN45502-2-2, EN45502-1, ISO14117-1, and ISO14708-1.