Teseq NSG 3060A Multifunction Generator, 6.6 kV

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The Teseq NSG 3060A Multifunction Generator is a conducted immunity generator with surge voltage to 6.6 kV, ringwave voltage to 6.6kV, EFT/Burst to 4.8 kV / 1 MHz and PQT to 16 A / 300 VAC & DC. Teseq NSG 3060A conducted immunity generators are one-box test solutions designed to fulfill requirements for CE mark and ANSI C62.41 testing. The NSG 3060A performs tests for Combination wave surge, Ring wave and Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) pulses as well as Power Quality Testing (PQT). Using state of the art components, the self-contained modules set new standards with respect to switching and phase accuracy and exceed the existing standards’ requirements. With its powerful processors, the NSG 3060A can completely fulfill the unique coupling requirements specified by ANSI C62.41. A 7” touch panel display with superb contrast and color is the most striking feature of the new NSG 3060A. For fast and efficient data entry, input devices include an integrated keyboard and a thumbwheel with additional keys for sensitivity adjustment.