Noiseken LSS-F02 Series Lightning Surge Simulator

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Rent Noiseken LSS-F02 Series Lightning Surge Simulator
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Noiseken LSS-F02 Series
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LSS-F02 Series Datasheet
Lightning Surge Simulator
Noiseken LSS-F02 Series Features
  • Conforms to the IEC61000-4-5 standard
  • "Output voltage 15kV, current 7500A" which can conduct breakdown resistibility test
  • "50% reduction of the output interval" which can drastically reduce the test time
  • "Touch-panel" adopted for the easy test setting
  • "Multi-languages" for the easy operation processing available
  • "Indicator" which is linked with the test setting equipped
  • PC control available with the optional software
  • "Emergency stop" & "Interlock terminal" which secure the test operator equipped
  • "Output waveform monitor terminal" which can ease pre-checking of the waveforms prior to the actual test