Haefely PS 1500 Impulse Voltage Generator, 15 kV

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Rent Haefely PS 1500 Impulse Voltage Generator, 15 kV for UL 1414
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Haefely PS 1500
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PS 1500 Datasheet
The Haefely PS 1500 Impulse Voltage Generator, 15 kV is fully compliant to the IEC, EN and UL requirements for safety testing of ITE, Audio, Video and similar equipment and components used in this kind of equipment. Clause 10 of the IEC/EN 60065 standard specifies tests on equipment insulation, clause 14 is written to test the insulation of components. Section 7 of the IEC/EN 60950-1 standard specifies tests on IT-Equipment intended to be connected to outdoor antennas. Clause 16 of UL 1414 specifies surge tests for lineby- pass and antenna coupling components. The intention of these standards is to avoid the risk of injury or damage caused by voltage surges from thunderstorms.
Haefely PS 1500 Features
  • Impulse counter
  • Repetition up to 24 pulses / minute
  • External trigger input
  • Impulse voltage and flash monitor
  • Handy test pistol included
Haefely PS 1500 Specs
Impulse Voltage: 0.5 – 15kV
Trigger Mode: Manual and Automatic
Impulse Repetition: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24 per minute
Impulse Counter: 1 – 9999
Voltage Resolution: 50 volt steps
Surge Polarity: Positive & Negative
Supply Voltage: 85 – 264V 50/60Hz
Imp. Voltage Monitor: 1000:1