EMC Partner TRA3000 Transient Test System

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EMC Partner TRA3000
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The EMC Partner TRA3000 Transient Test System is a technically advanced CE tester that generates EMC events which can be observed in the low power distribution system, telecommunication or data lines. The revolutionary design reinforces EMC PARTNER's position as a leading technology innovator in the field of EMC transient immunity testers. The TRA3000 replicates Electrostatic Discharges (ESD), Electric Fast Transients (EFT) / Burst, Combination Wave Generator (CWG), Voltage Dips/Interrupts, Voltage Variations, Power Frequency and Pulse Magnetic Fields, and Common Mode.
EMC Partner TRA3000 Features
  • Modular design, user configurable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Humidity, pressure and temperature sensor measure lab environment
  • Automatic frequency detection for mains synchronization (50 to 400Hz)
  • Internal web server
  • Ethernet Port for control, communication and report generation
  • USB Port: Secure transfer of files, test reports and service data
  • Common Mode Disturbances DC to 150kHz 30V continuous, 300V short duration
  • ESD 16kV air / 10kV contact discharge
  • ESD 16kV continuous firing mode.
  • Choice of EFT/Burst modules 4kV or 5kV
  • CWG surge up to 4kV/2kA
  • AC Magnetic Field up to 1000A/m (with external antenna)
  • Impulse Magnetic Field 1200A/m
  • AC Interrupt 260V/16A
  • AC DIP and VARIATION with internal, external variac or PS3 power supply
  • DC Interrupt 110V/16A
  • RS485 Port for control of external accessories
  • Control of up to two external PS3 power supplies
EMC Partner TRA3000 Specs
Supply voltage range 80 to 260V / 50Hz & 60Hz
Standby current 50VA
Internal CDN voltage rating 280Vac & 110Vdc
Internal CDN current rating 16Aac & 16Adc
Internal CDN frequency range 50 to 400Hz
Power frequency synchronization 16Hz up to 400Hz
Coupling path selection EFT L, N, PE, L+N, L+PE, N+PE, L+N+ PE
Coupling path selection surge L - N, L - PE, N - PE
Communication Interface Ethernet
Accessory control interface RS485
Memory locations unlimited
Atmospheric measurement Temperature & Humidity
PS3 control DC, 16.7Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz
EUT Power monitor 10V = 400Vac
Surge voltage monitor 10V = 4kV
Surge current monitor 10V = 2kA
Trigger BNC maximum 12V
Trigger mode Auto, manual
Synchro source Power, external
Power synchro on/off 0 - 360°
Power switching before / after test 0 up to 60min.