Haefely PIM 120 7.4kV Telecom Module for IEC 61000-4-5 Data Lines

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The Haefely PIM 120 is an impulse module that, along with the automatic coupling network PCD 120, is designed for use with the Haefely 10/700us test system. It is used to generate and superimpose 10/700us impulses onto telecom and other communication lines. The PCD 120 as part of the PSURGE 8000 system is tailored to meet the ITU and IEC requirements for 2 & 4 wire interfaces. It allows the selection of both the required resistors and coupling elements and to perform a fully automatic test sequence.Safety is paramount with surge impulses. The PIM 120 High Voltage connections are all linked into the System Safety Concept which prevents high voltage plugs or cables from exposing operators to potentially lethal voltages. The PCD 120 has special HV output sockets to guarantee maximum safety for the user.