Keysight 4195A Network Spectrum Analyzer

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4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer
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4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer 4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer
Keysight 4195A
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Manual 4195A Datasheet

The Keysight 4195A Network/Spectrum analyzer provides excellent vector network and spectrum measurement performance from 10 Hz to 500 MHz. Providing both vector network and spectrum measurement capabilities, the 4195A is a cost effective solution for the development and production testing of analog devices. For improved performance and simple operation, many new and powerful features have been included, thus making the 4195A an ideal tool for the analog design engineer.

In addition to measuring a complete set of network and spectrum parameters, the 4195A can automatically derive impedance parameters from S-parameters. Direct impedance measurements from 100 kHz to 500 MHz can be performed using the optional 41951A Impedance test kit.
Keysight 4195A Specs
Network Measurement
  • Source
    • Source Frequency: 10Hz to 500MHz
    • Power: -50dBm to +15dBm
    • Receiver Input: 4 inputs, 50 ohms nominal
    • Resolution Bandwidth: 3Hz to 300kHz, 1 or 3 step
    • Magnitude Ratio Dynamic range: >100dB
    • Phase Range: ± 180°
    • Delay Range: 10ps to 500s
    Spectrum Measurement
    • Frequency Measurement range: 10Hz to 500MHz
    • RBW: 3Hz to 300kHz, 1 or 3 step
    • Amplitude Measurement range: -135dBm to +20dBm
    • Sweep type: Linear, log, cw, program and partial
    • Input Number of inputs: 4 inputs
    • Impedance: 50ohm nominal
    • Attentuator: 0 to 50dB, 10dB step
    Display 7.5 inch color CRT
    • Linear and non-linear device measurement and analysis
    • High accuracy and resolution
    • Color graphics, graphics analysis, and direct copy capability
    • Direct save/recall with internal disk drive