Haefely PIM 100 Combination Wave Impulse Module

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PIM 100 Hybrid module, uses a highly reliable semiconductor switch (unlimited lifetime, maintenance-free) to achieve a clean oscillation free impulse, which can be synchronized to within ±1° of programmed phase angle.

A discharge switch has two functions. It must have a DC voltage withstand capability that allows the energy storage capacitor to be charged and then discharged through wave shaping networks. Ideally, the switch should have infinite resistance during the charge cycle and zero resistance during discharge. Triggering of the switch can be very accurately controlled from the gate terminal. A trigger signal is derived from the test object power supply or any other relevant source. The most significant advantage of semiconductor switches is clean switching. There is no pre-discharge as with electro-mechanical switches and no unwanted high frequency disturbances. Characteristics of the semiconductor switch do not change from impulse to impulse, resulting in a high degree of impulse integrity.

Option VTM 15000 Isolation Test 1.2/50 us up to 10 kV available.