Air Particle Counting Using Fluke 985 Particle Counter

Air Particle Counting Using Fluke 985 Particle Counter

Hello viewers, Richard with Advanced Test Equipment Rentals here to remind you of the importance of measuring and monitoring particle levels, pollutant levels, humidity and dew points as well as other indoor air quality characteristics in warehouses, labs, cleanrooms, or any working environment.

An indoor air particle counter diagnoses indoor air quality by counting and sizing air particles in controlled spaces. Particle counting is performed with the principles of light scattering, direct imaging or light obscuration. The particle sample is passed through a detection chamber; as it passes, a high intensity light source illuminates the particle with one of these three methods.

Lets head over to our lab to demonstrate air quality measurements.

Today we’re going to be measuring and analyzing air quality with the Fluke 985 Particle Counter. First in an uncontrolled environment. After in a controlled environment like a cleanroom. Particle counters like the Fluke 985 are used in a cleanroom to ensure the air particle levels adhere to cleanroom classification standards like ISO 14644, and ISO 21501-4 to name a few. As expected, results shown on the Fluke 985 Particle Counter tell us that this cleanroom has fewer particle levels. You will notice even less particles in cleanroom that are utilized by massive manufacturers.