Roughness Testers | Surface Prolifometers

Roughness Testers | Surface Profilometers

Roughness testers and surface profilometers are used to determine a material’s roughness through a variety of parameters. Though both tools answer the same query, surface profilometers measure roughness at the nanometer level.

Roughness testers enable a user to determine the roughness of a material surface quickly. Some testers have internal storage facilities, allowing you to save your results and visit them for analysis at a later time. A surface profilometer is sometimes equipped with a stylus that is able to physically touch the material surface for testing. Others can scan the surface with optics and light. Many record data through various parameters like mm or inch, roughness curve graph, bearing area curve and more, and display results on a built-in LCD screen.

Both roughness testers and surface profilometers offer high accuracy and measurement speed for effective surface inspection. Rent these tools from ATEC, and choose from esteemed manufacturers like Brown & Sharpe, Mitutoyo and more.